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When drivers of commercial vehicles aren’t alert and focused on their task, they can crash into other cars on the road. This negligence harms innocent people in more ways than causing injuries. The emotional and financial stress of a truck accident can overwhelm anyone. A Baltimore truck accident lawyer from Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC will represent truck accident victims.

We understand how a commercial vehicle accident can disrupt your life and put everything on hold. You need to be able to depend on your lawyer to stand up for you. We believe in providing high personalized legal representation to our clients. We’ll go over every part of your case and make sure you get a fair settlement.

Maryland Truck Accident Statistics

Accidents with fatalities involving large trucks have been Maryland have been tracked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The past few years have had consistent high numbers of truck accident fatalities:

  • 2016 had 63 fatalities.
  • 2015 had 58 fatalities.
  • 2014 had 49 fatalities.
  • 2013 had 58 fatalities.

Nationally, the numbers are more severe. 2016 showed that 4,440 large trucks and buses were in fatal crashes. The general trend of fatal truck crashes from 2009-2016 shows an increase of 28 percent.

A truck accident can occur when you least expect it. If it does, you’ll want a trusted truck accident lawyer at your side.

Common Causes of Maryland Truck Accidents

Driving an 18-wheeler isn’t the same as a sedan. Truck drivers have more blind spots to watch. The blind spot behind the truck extends to about 30 feet, where the front of the truck has a blind spot of 20 feet. On the driver’s left side, the immediate lane next to them has a blind spot. The driver’s right side has two lanes of blind spots. Truck drivers who aren’t aware of these spots could turn into an unsuspecting car. Motorists can use the general rule that if you can’t see the driver in their mirrors, then they can’t see you.

Tractor trailers weigh much more than the average car. When a truck driver needs to slow down to stop or make a turn, they need to allot for time because it takes longer for the truck to safely decelerate. Ignoring this rule could lead to a collision.

Other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Mechanical Failure. The brakes or engine could fail and the driver would lose control of the truck. Regular maintenance could detect this issues and truck companies should be taking measures to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive.
  • Distracted Driving. Cell phones are a major distraction to drivers. Truck drivers using their phone to text, use social media, or using it as a navigation device could distract them from the road.
  • Overloaded Cargo. Trucks have a set limit of weight they can safely transport. A truck’s cargo can’t go above this limit without becoming a danger.
  • Improper Weight Distribution. The cargo also has to be distributed so the weight is even throughout the truck and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on certain parts of the truck.
  • Reaction Time. Newer truck drivers may not have the experience needed to react appropriately to situations on the road where they would need to slow down or avoid something in their lane.
  • Aggressive Driving. Speeding and tailgating can lead to accidents because the truck driver leaves no time to react if they need to brake or get out of the way.
  • Substance Abuse. Some truck drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they’re driving, which dangerously impedes their ability to drive. Substance abuse will slow reactions, reduce decision making skills, and lowers the driver’s awareness of what’s happening on the road.

Many of these reasons that cause accidents are preventable because they’re acts of negligence made by either the truck driver or the truck company. This can make your ordeal more painful because if they had acted responsibly, there’s a chance your accident wouldn’t have happened. You deserve to have your rights represented by legal professionals who will get you the compensation you need.

What Injuries Do Truck Accidents Cause?

Truck accident injuries are often more severe than injuries in other motor vehicle accidents. The speed and weight of a truck could easily demolish a small or medium size car. Injuries can hospitalize people or cause catastrophic injuries, which means the injuries will have permanent consequences, like brain damage or paralysis.

Truck accidents injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Amputations
  • Burn Injuries

These injuries can be painful and require professional medical attention that prevents you from working. Your recovery could take weeks to months. A skilled truck accident lawyer will get you a settlement that will provide financial support for all the accident has cost you.

Get Help from a Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

Don’t let insurance companies push you around and try to get you to settle early. An early settlement may resolve the legal matter, but leave you with less compensation than you deserve that may not even begin to cover your medical expenses. You need legal representation that will demand your case to be taken seriously and for you recover damages for the accident.

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