Baltimore Legal Malpractice Lawyer

If you were harmed financially by the negligence or improper actions of an attorney, you may be entitled to monetary damages. The standard of proof is high and attorneys have much at stake, including their license to practice. A skilled Baltimore legal malpractice lawyer can help you with your claim.

Belsky & Horowitz, LLC, is one of the few law firms that is equipped and willing to hold other lawyers accountable. We have prevailed in legal malpractice lawsuits in the Baltimore area and elsewhere in Maryland. We invite you to meet with one of our lawyers to explore your rights and possible claims in a free consultation.

 Can I Sue My Previous Attorney for Malpractice in Maryland?

Just as doctors and other professionals can be sued, lawyers are also subject to civil action for fraud or incompetence. Over the years, our firm has handled legal malpractice cases against attorneys in virtually every field of practice:

  • Bankruptcy Malpractice: Failing to discharge eligible debts, claiming false exemptions.
  • Medical Malpractice: Abandoning the case, allowing the statute of limitations to expire.
  • Business Law: Improper drafting of commercial documents or real estate contracts.
  • Estate Law: Incompetent preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Failure to reopen a case when the employee’s condition worsens.
  • Personal Injury: Unauthorized or absurdly low settlements.
  • Litigation: Failure to investigate or preserve evidence.
  • Missed Deadlines.
  • Conflicts of Interest.
  • Other Ethics Violations.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Misuse of client funds.
  • Violating Attorney: Client privilege (disclosure of confidential information).
  • Failure to File Appeals.

Our firm will investigate your case and identify the type of legal malpractice you’ve suffered and how the it left you with an unfair result. You deserve to have a dependable lawyer who will stand up for your rights and do everything possible to get you favorable compensation.

Belsky & Horowitz, LLC will not cut corners or try to settle your case as quickly. Our firm holds a high respect for our clients and that drives us to work hard and to the best of our ability. We will put in the time and effort needed for you to get a favorable settlement.

Proven Success in A Niche Area of The Law

To win a legal malpractice claim in Maryland, you must show a tangible economic loss and demonstrate that a competent attorney would most likely have achieved a different result in the case. At Belsky & Horowitz, LLC, we adhere to the highest standards of the legal profession, knowing what is at stake for clients when we undertake their legal matters. In Baltimore legal malpractice litigation, we hold our legal peers to the same code of ethics.

We routinely obtain settlements when there is evidence of wrongdoing, but we have the resources and the resolve to take these cases to trial if it comes to that. Contact us online or call 410-234-3992 or 800-895-5333. We take these cases on contingency — you pay no fees unless we recover compensation.



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