Many motorcycle riders are older — and wiser and safer

Published on May 2, 2018 at 2:30 pm in General Blogs.

Motorcycle sales have risen steadily since the early 1990s. That surge was fueled by Baby Boomers who were rediscovering motorcycles or finally indulging their wild side in their empty nest and golden years. At the same time, safety has become increasingly important, especially because there are many more senior riders on the road today.

Fortunately, new safety features continue to pop up. If you love riding your motorcycle, here are five safety innovations for you to consider.

LED lights

Small but powerful, LED lights are ideal for motorcycles. These bright lights allow drivers to see you better while you will see the road ahead and anything on it more clearly.

Better stability

Many motorcycle crashes occur when the rider makes a mistake in braking or accelerating while going around a curve. Newer bikes have stability control systems that monitor traction and lean-angles to make taking curves safer.

Reduced horsepower

Most older riders appreciate this new feature: many bikes are now designed with lower horsepower, which is perfect for novice riders or those who are looking for a safer commute.

Improved helmets

The best protection is a Department of Transportation-approved helmet. However, helmets are now available with additional safety features such as a built-in camera so you can easily see what is happening behind you.

Airbags to wear

Clothing manufacturers now offer motorcycle vests and jackets with built-in airbags that deploy in a crash to protect your chest as well as vital organs.

Safety features can’t always prevent accident or injury

Riders of any age can benefit from the newest, state-of-the-art safety features. But no innovations can ever guarantee a safe ride.

In the event of a car-motorcycle accident, assumptions often place the fault on the rider. As if that were not trouble enough, the motorcyclist, due to being extremely vulnerable, will usually sustain the worst injuries. Motorcycle riders are susceptible to neck injuries, head injuries (even with a helmet), broken bones and severe road rash.

Strength, agility and vision decline with age, which is why riders 50 and older have elevated rates of accidents, especially fatalities. But experienced riders are also more savvy; they know the risks and how to avoid unsafe situations in the first place.



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