Shopping center accused of negligence in slip-and-fall accident

Published on Oct 23, 2017 at 10:37 pm in General Blogs.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals across the country are hospitalized from injuries they suffer after slipping and falling. Often, these slip\-and\-fall accidents result in broken bones or other lasting injuries that require ongoing treatment or cause long-term pain and suffering. When Maryland property owners fail to keep their premises safe from hazards that result in grievous physical damages to unsuspecting members of the public, the business owners are not the ones who suffer; rather, it is the injured patrons who endure pain and often face costly medical expenses for treatment.

In another state, a woman has recently filed a lawsuit seeking damages after she slipped and fell in the bathroom of a shopping center last year. The plaintiff alleges that the incident occurred when she slipped in a puddle of water left on the floor of the bathroom. Supposedly, an employee of the shopping center had insufficiently mopped the floor and failed to properly clean up the remaining water.

The lawsuit lists a number of defendants, including Causeway LLC, doing business as Lakeside Shopping Center, Greater Lakeside Corp., Broadwall Management Corp., U.S. Specialty Insurance Co. and Jane Doe. The defendants stand accused of negligence, as well as alleged failure to warn of the dangerous, slippery condition of the floor. For this negligence and for their failure to take appropriate precaution, the plaintiff seeks a reasonable amount of compensation in addition to any related legal fees.

While the injuries the woman allegedly suffered are not listed, a slip-and-fall accident on a wet floor, on an icy surface or in a hazardous parking lot all too frequently can result in high medical costs and damages that are often serious and even permanent. Sometimes the only way to acquire the funds to get the treatment injured victims require is with the support of a personal injury attorney. Luckily for injured residents of Maryland, there are lawyers with experience in premises liability cases who can help victims fight for the justice and compensation they need and deserve.

Source: louisianarecord.com, “Woman claims she slipped and fell in Lakeside Shopping Center bathroom“, Carrie Bradon, Oct. 16, 2017



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