Serious Injury From Falls In Hospitals

Hospital patients often are in frail health, weak from surgery or otherwise vulnerable. Nurses, orderlies and other staff have a duty to monitor and assist patients to prevent falls and other foreseeable injuries.

The law firm of Belsky Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC, pursues hospital malpractice claims, including negligence resulting in serious falling injuries. In a free consultation, we can explore your possible claim for damages if you or a loved one suffered a bad fall while in hospital care.

Patient Transfer Accidents And Other Hospital Negligence

Hospital falls are one of the most frequent sources of injury. Hard floors, understaffing and patients who are weak or groggy are a bad combination. Our medical malpractice attorneys have handled many cases of falling injuries, such as:

  • Falls from hospital beds from lack of rails or restraint
  • A physical therapist who loses control of a patient
  • Dropping patients when transferring them from a gurney or wheelchair
  • Falls while using the bathroom or shower
  • Slipping on spilled liquids or food

We look into hospital protocols, patient charts, witness accounts and other indications that the hospital staff failed in a duty to protect a person under their care. Was the patient assessed for fall risk when admitted to the hospital? Did nurses ignore the call button or fail to check in on the patient? Was the accident reported? Was the patient given a timely and thorough examination for injury?

Fighting For The Rights Of Hospital Patients

Hospital falls commonly result in bone fractures, head trauma, internal bleeding and other serious injuries. These accidents can be life-threatening for patients whose health is already compromised. They may require surgery or physical therapy, or other ongoing medical care or assisted care. Compensation may cover lost income, lasting disability, and damage for pain and suffering.

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