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If you’re given the wrong medication or the wrong dose, your health and wellbeing are put in jeopardy. You should be able to depend on your health care providers to provide you with medication. Pharmacy negligence harms people who need proper medication to maintain their health. Inattentive or negligent medical care providers should be held accountable for their mistakes. Getting in touch with a Baltimore medication & pharmacy errors lawyer from Belsky & Horowitz, LLC will ensure a legal professional will defend your rights and help you with your claim.

Maryland citizens can rest assured that they can get dependable legal representation if they’ve been hurt because of a medication error caused by negligence. We’ll make sure that you can recover damages from what you’ve gone through. The law firm of Belsky & Horowitz, LLC has experience in medication error claims and has successfully won cases for clients in the past.

How Can Medical Professionals Mishandle Drugs?

Hospitals, emergency rooms, and doctors’ offices can be busy, high-stress environments. This can lead to medication errors from miscommunication, mixing up drugs because they have similar names, illegible handwriting on medical records, and rushing to attend to everyone’s needs but not being as focused or attentive as they should be.

Medication errors include:

  • Misreading Prescriptions. There can be instances where prescriptions are misread, leading to the patient takin the wrong medication.
  • Pharmacy Errors. Pharmacists can give the wrong medication to a patient because they mixed up prescriptions.
  • Administering the Wrong Dose. Patients may be given the right drug, but the dosage could be too little or too much. Overdosing is a dangerous possibility if patients are given the wrong dose.
  • Contraindictions. This is a situation where a patient can’t have a drug, procedure, or surgery because it could cause them harm. If doctors don’t know that the patient is incompatible with something, they may put the patient in danger.
  • Failing to Provide Instructions and Warnings. When patients are going to start taking a new drug, their doctor should explain how to use the drug safely. They should also inform their patient if there are any chances of side effects or other health warnings that the patient needs to know before taking the drug.
  • Physician Errors. In the event of a misdiagnosis or mistaking symptoms, doctors may prescribe the wrong medication.
  • Nursing Errors. Hospitals without strong communication and record keeping could cause situations where nurses administer too much or too little of a drug, or don’t get the drug to their patient at all.

When medication errors create more complications, the time, energy, and money required to recover can create a lot of stress. You’re trying to get better from the wrong medication while also treating what originally brought you to the doctor. Missing work or being unable to participate in your usual daily activities can put strain and pressure on you, and that’s not fair.

Belsky & Horowitz, LLC will look into your case and find when the error was made, how it happened, if it violated any hospital protocols or was a result of medical malpractice, and will investigate how the interaction injured you.

What Are the Dangers of Medication Errors?

Drugs affect people depending on their size, medical history, and how they take the medicine. Medical care providers should know how a drug will interact with someone and instruct them on how to take the medication safely. Three main ways a negative drug interaction can harm a patient are:

  • Drug-Drug Interactions. There’s a potential of drugs affecting the potency or effectiveness if there is more than one in a person’s system.
  • Drug-Food Interactions. Some drugs need to be taken with food so the body can absorb it. But, there are dangers to taking drugs and then drinking alcohol. It could make someone tired and have slower reaction times. If someone is operating a motor vehicle and has a drug interaction, it may prevent them from being able to drive safely.
  • Drug-Condition Interactions. A patient may already have a condition that makes a drug harmful to them. Doctors need to keep these in mind when they’re prescribing new medication.

Medication errors can do more than make someone tired. A serious pharmacy error could cause major problems like:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Organ Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Wrongful Death

After a medication error, it may take even more kinds of medication to fix the problem. The error may cause complications that have permanent consequences that affect things like memory or mobility.

You may have lost a loved one due to a medication or prescription error. If this has happened, we are ready to help you get justice for your loved one with a wrongful death claim.

Get Help from a Baltimore Medication Error Lawyer

Insurance companies may not settle your medication error claim or will try to give you unfair damages that won’t cover the cost of what you’ll need to make a full recovery. Belsky & Horowitz, LLC is prepared to be at your side every step of the way and will take the case to court so we can get you your rightful compensation.

You could receive a favorable settlement that will help you cover your medical expenses and future healthcare costs, benefits from missing work that includes the time you may have to miss for your recovery, and for any pain and suffering you’ve endured.

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