Medication Errors And Pharmacy Errors

The wrong drug or the wrong dose can cause severe and irreversible harm. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses must be diligent and vigilant when prescribing, dispensing or administering medications.

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Mishandling Of Prescription Drugs May Be Medical Malpractice

Drug errors are one of the most common forms of medical negligence. Minor or temporary side effects are not grounds for a lawsuit, but modern pharmaceuticals have the potential for catastrophic harm.

Pharmacy errors and medication errors take many forms:

  • Contraindications such as incompatible medical conditions, known drug allergies, or cross-reactions with other current medications
  • Misreading the prescription or failing to verify with the doctor
  • Pharmacy misfill errors or mixing up two different orders
  • Failing to give proper instructions or warnings
  • Physician errors — prescribing the incorrect medication
  • Nursing errors — administering the wrong dose, double dose or no dose

Holding Pharmacies And Medical Professionals Responsible

Medication errors can result in heart attack, stroke, brain damage, nerve damage, internal bleeding, organ damage and other trauma, including wrongful death. Our attorneys work with medical experts to establish a causal connection between the error and the injury. We also work with professionals to document the degree of harm and the impact on our client's life, from hospital bills and lost earnings to permanent disability and pain and suffering.

Once we take on a pharmacy error or prescription drug error case, we are usually able to secure a good settlement. In the event that providers and their insurers resist liability or fair damages, we are prepared to go to court to fight for your rightful compensation.

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