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Three ways vaccines could trigger a malpractice lawsuit

For many, vaccinations are a rite of autumn that can help prevent serious illness or lost days of work all through the winter. Getting a yearly flu shot is particularly important for the elderly or for people with compromised immune systems, as those groups are more susceptible to infectious diseases than others. While these routine vaccinations are important, negligence on the part of those administering the vaccine can cause larger problems than the flu. Here are three ways that vaccines can trigger a malpractice lawsuit: 

Improper exemptions. A California doctor faces charges of gross negligence and may lose his license after apparently improperly exempting a two-year-old child from required immunizations. 

Re-using syringes. A nurse in New Jersey re-used syringes (not needles) for 67 employees when administering vaccinations at a workplace. Affected employees must now be tested for HIV, as well as hepatitis B and C. 

Improper dosing. The same New Jersey nurse also gave the employees a dose of the vaccine that was lower than the recommended dose, which means it wouldn't have provided adequate protection against the flu anyway. The employees will have to undergo another flu shot. 

Experiencing malpractice in the course of getting a vaccine or another medical procedure can not only break trust, but can also lead to serious illness or even disability. If you suspect that you or someone you love has been the victim of medical malpractice, it's important to consult with an experienced attorney who can inform you of your options and protect your rights. 

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