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Has your VA doctor been accused of medical malpractice?

Many veterans here in Maryland utilize U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers for their health care. For service and sacrifices as former members of the United States Armed Forces, they deserve the best care available. Sadly, a recent report indicates that the VA may knowingly hire doctors, including surgeons, who have been accused, and in some cases found guilty, of medical malpractice in the past.

Medical malpractice news: Doctor ordered to stop seeing patients

Many people around the country, including those here in Maryland, trust that when a doctor claims to be able to diagnose, treat or operate on a patient, he or she can actually back up that claim. Unfortunately, many medical malpractice cases here and elsewhere stem from a doctor or surgeon's lack of experience in a certain area. Nevertheless, some continue to practice medicine, which jeopardizes the safety and health of their patients.

Medical malpractice issues: Injuries to intestines and nerves

Do you envision instruments left inside a patient, removing the wrong organs and operating on the wrong patient when you think of surgical errors? If so, you are not alone. Many Maryland residents hear about these instances when it comes to news stories about medical malpractice. However, other injuries can wreak just as much havoc on a person's body and cause permanent injuries as well.

Is medical malpractice responsible for infant's death?

Many courts around the country and here in Maryland must answer this question far more often than anyone would prefer. No parent should have to leave a hospital without his or her child. Doing so would be difficult enough when doctors did everything they could to save the child, but when it is possible that medical malpractice led to the infant's death, it could be devastating.

Is perspiration a reliable indicator of surgical readiness?

When assessing the readiness of residents to perform surgery, the longstanding process has been for supervising surgeons to assess individual performance in the operating room. While this technique has proven effective for decades, the emergence of more regulatory bodies in surgical education has highlighted a need for a decidedly less subjective performance evaluator.

Horrific case shows 'never events' remain a problem in the OR

Anyone who must undergo some manner of operation knows through their conversations with surgeons and their own research or personal experience that there is always some degree of risk involved. Indeed, postoperative complications can arise, infections can develop, and the underlying disease or condition can remain unchanged.

Study: Over 20 percent of patients with serious conditions misdiagnosed

Two years ago, the National Academy of Medicine published a groundbreaking report indicating that not only will the majority of people receive an incorrect or delayed diagnosis at least once during their lifetime, but that roughly 12 million people -- or close to 5 percent of adults seeking outpatient care -- are misdiagnosed every year.

Was your hospital fall listed as a "never event?"

Even though hospitals have signs in strategic locations warning about the possibility of a patient taking a fall, this kind of accident happens on a daily basis. Patients may fall because they felt woozy getting out of bed or because the freshly mopped floor was slippery.

Should first-year MDs go back to 24-hour shifts?

If you were to ask your longtime physician about their time as a resident, they would more than likely look back with some ambivalence, perhaps describing a 12-month period highlighted by significant learning, but also very long shifts and sleepless nights.

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