Permanent Disability Claims

There are some on-the-job injuries that are so serious that the injured worker has some permanent impairment. In the worst situations, the injured worker is unable to work at all because the pain from the injury is so debilitating. Dealing with all the legal and insurance issues involved in a permanent disability claim is overwhelming and can be exhausting. This is when you need to enlist help from an attorney at Belsky Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC.

Our firm represents people who have been injured in workplace accidents and need competent legal representation for their workers' compensation claim. Serving clients throughout Maryland, we are proud to boast about our track record and our in-depth knowledge of the law. We provide our clients with the personalized, hands-on representation they deserve.

Permanent Total Disability And Permanent Partial Disability

Permanent disability benefits are meant for those who suffer permanent impairments as the result of a workplace injury. In Maryland, this includes:

  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD): These are disability benefits for individuals who are permanently and totally disabled. Serious injuries that may fall under this category could include the loss of a limb or a traumatic brain injury.
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): These are disability benefits for someone who has suffered a permanent impairment of some type, but is not totally disabled.

We will help explain what you are entitled to and what the likely outcome of your workers' comp claim will be based on your injuries and diagnosis. We have a successful track record handling both temporary disability and permanent disability claims, and are ready to advocate for you in the legal process.

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