Don’t let workers’ compensation benefits fall by the wayside

Published on Nov 21, 2017 at 12:58 pm in Workers Compensation.

Do you spend any of your workday on a ladder, a scaffold or on some other surface that puts you several feet off the ground? If so, you more than likely already know that a fall is a significant hazard for you. A fall can cause any number of serious injuries that can change the course of your life, and when that fall happens at work, you may be entitled to Maryland workers’ compensation benefits.

Any injury to your pride after a fall is nowhere near as important as any physical injuries you may have suffered. Broken bones, neck and back injuries and hitting your head could all have substantial effects on your life. Even if doctors say you merely strained or sprained something in the fall, you could still find yourself in a lot of pain, out of work for a while and wondering how you will pay your bills.

Other, more severe injuries could mean a longer recovery time, if you can fully recover at all. The prognosis for spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries is not always readily apparent. You could need months or years of rehabilitation, or you could need help adjusting to your new life because you are now unable to enjoy life and work as you did prior to the accident.

Even if your injuries are not quite that serious, no fall from a height should be taken lightly. The first days or weeks after this type of work injury are critical in determining just how severe your injuries really are. You should have the freedom to take the time you need to fully understand the extent of your injuries and recover from them. You may apply for benefits under the Maryland workers’ compensation system to help with your medical bills and lost income during this time. You may need to seek the counsel of an attorney to help with the application process, explain your rights and help you obtain all of the benefits to which you may be entitled.



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